Thursday, June 05, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Solange-I Decided

The brand new video for solanges "I Decided" just premiered not to long ago on BET's "Access Granted"

One of the best videos ive seen in a while, I love the whole concept of the video, its really original and stands out from other videos out right now.

I hope this project can be her big break, and she can finally step out of being "Beyonces Little sister"

Her new album 'Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams' hits stores on August 26th.


  1. I usually don't watch the videos the whole way through but i did with this one! So much goes on in it you forget to stop it lol

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  3. I like it hott she look really cute

  4. Nice video... worth every minute I spent on it! Thanks for sharing )))

  5. I like the video, but the song grates on my nerves.

  6. a bit of a mess

  7. Her voice is annoying, as well as the song. The video is not that bad though.

  8. i love everything about this!

  9. i like her voice. it sounds a bit similar to bey's. I hope she can carve a niche for herself & not remain in beyonce's shadow.

  10. hmmm, im not sure of this vid


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