Friday, June 27, 2008

Old School Friday::[Best Kid Groups]

Today’s OSF theme is “Best Kid Groups”. At first I was going to be totally cliché and pick "The Jackson 5" but I got my thinking cap on and went for a more subtle option. Love these girls.

Pass By other Fantastic OSF'ers:

1. MrsGrapevine
2. Marvalus
3. Regina
4. Marcus Langford
5. Quick
6. Chocl8t
7. Cassandra
8. Kreative Talk
9. Lisa C
10. Invisible Woman
11. Vivrant Thing
12. Shawn Williams
13. Electronic Village
14. Hagar's Daughter
15. Danielle Vyas
16. DP
17. Dee
18. FreshandFab
19. LaShonda
20. AJ
21. Sharon
22. Believer1964
23. Shae-Shae
24. Danielle
25. sjp
26. msladydeborah
27. Thembi

Have a Great Weekend People...


  1. wow, i used to love this song....... been a minute damn!!! thanks for reminding me........

  2. I never heard of the group or the song, but the them kids could sing! Good choice. :-)

  3. I remember these girls. I remember going crazy over their braids!

  4. I'm lost, I haven't a clue who this is. This is my first time hearing this group.

  5. Mrs G, they are a British group thats prob why

    sorry lol

  6. Oh... I really like these, thanks for putting your thinking cap and share this with us.

    Have a beautiful weekend darling!!!


  7. At first I thought it was TLC. I have NEVER heard of this group or this song. It's a cute song though.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  8. ha ha ha they remind me of how my sisters & I use to wear our hair back then, they are soo cute

  9. OMG!! I thought their braids were so tight.

    Wonder what they are up to...

  10. Learn something new every day. First time hearing about these kids. As per usual...I went way back! Hope you get a chance to check it out!

  11. Wow, I had forgotten all about Cleopatra! I vaguely remember seeing them on that video and then never seeing them again! I loved the braids!


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