Friday, June 20, 2008

Old School Friday::[Gospel/Praise/Spiritual/Inspirational Songs]

Today’s OSF theme is “Gospel/Praise/Spiritual/Inspirational Songs”. I'm a sucker for gospel music, my all time favorite gospel artist is Ron Kenoly, Love his music. But my favorite gospel song is "Trading my sorrows". Love Love this song.

And Mariah Carey's "Through The Rain", very inspirational song, first time I heard it, it took me somewhere.

Have a great weekend

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  1. OMG I also LOVE LOVE Gospel.
    This song is amazing, thank you dear to have shared with us.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. I love all things Mariah...I may be the only one willing to admit that out this song is one of those ones that I just love...

    Have an excellent weekend!!

  3. Looooooove "Trading My Sorrows!" I've heard different people sing it & it's just a great song. The words are just so encouraging. Now that's music you can feel.

    As for Mariah Carey, I don't care for the slower version of "Through The Rain". There's a club remix of the song that I really like. I'm a fool for a remix!

  4. @park, the version i really like is by a woman, but i couldn't find it..

  5. I haven't heard Ron Kenoly in years! I used to love the Marantha tapes he was on...yes tapes as in cassettes!!

  6. Ron Kenoly?! You are bringing me back to the beginning. ;) Great stuff! Now I need to find him on YouTube. As Regina said, I have him on cassette, but somewhere in storage. Ugh!

    "...struck down but not destroyed..."

    "Trading My Sorrows" is a great worship song.

  7. Good choices! Much obliged for lifting my spirit!



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