Friday, June 06, 2008

Old School Friday::[Not another sad Love Song]

Today’s OSF theme is “not another sad love song”. Before I start, big shout out to whoever came up with this theme.

This is the best theme so far. No problems at all, Wake me up in the middle of my sleep, Ill name at least 20 songs of the top of my head.

lol, So basically I know my stuff. I picked Michael Bolton’s "How I’m I supposed to live without you”. When I was younger, The only 2 CDs we had were (The only 2 English CDs, actually)

Michael Bolton Greatest Hits (1985-1995)
Michael Jackson- Dangerous

And I knew the Michael Bolton album off the top of my heads down to lyrics. I had it down, even down to the track listings

Loved the album, great great album.

I Love this Track (This one takes me there) - Beautiful (How Can we be Lovers)

I going into a Michael Bolton trance now, Continue reading for more classics..You can tell I'm too overly excited, That's what good music does to me. Continue Reading, Some good collections there.

Pass By other Fantastic OSF'ers:

Mrs Grapevine
Hagar's Daughter

{{Have a Nice Weekend}}

Said I loved You But I lied Live

I Love this Track OMG-Beautiful (How Can we be Lovers, Yh yh, again, its a classic.)

Michael Bolton - Missing You Now

Georgia on My Mind (The man has an amazing voice)

Dock of the Day (This just gets me)


  1. Michael Bolton is amazing! Nice choices

  2. M.B. knows he can sing a song! Good choice.

  3. Michael Bolton is the King of sad love songs. Pretty original, love your picks.

  4. Oh I LOVE this M Bolton's song.
    Love love love
    Thank you for remind me of it.


  5. Happy OSF! I haven't listened to Michael Bolton very much in my life, however, your choices were perfect for sad love song theme this week...

    Also, thanks for coming by to visit my OSF tribute to Sade!

    peace, Villager

  6. I know this song well. Good picks for sad love songs.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my site.

  7. Oh how I love Michael Bolton's voice,
    Thank You for these wonderful songs

  8. Michael can sing. His raspy soulful sound is a delight.

    Good choices for this week's theme.

    I updated my OSF blogroll to include you.

    See you around this Friday! :D


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