Friday, June 13, 2008

Vonzell Solomon Caught with a gun at an airport

Does anyone remember former american idol contestant, Vonzell Solomon? She was stopped by security in a Florida Airport after they found an unloaded gun in her luggage. She proved that she has a permit to carry the gun which made it okay but, guns are illegal in airports. The police confiscated the weapon and she was issued a notice to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge of carrying a weapon into an airport. word is that Vonzell forgotten she had it in her luggage. I just want to know what is she doing with a gun?

Why would she have a gun in the first place, dammn


  1. look at Vonzell loaded! lol

  2. I think she should have known better, if the gun was for protection she knew she couldn't be with one at an airport.
    I also can't understand...


  3. LOL. I remember her--wasn't she a mail lady? That's really at odds with her displayed persona.


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