Sunday, July 20, 2008

Britney Spears Makes an Appearance

Last night, Britney Spears attended the Generation Rescues Fundraiser Event in Hollywood, California. The star has been keeping a low profile for a while now and this marks her first apperance at an event in a long while.

Word is, she is planning a comeback album, it doesnt have an official release date yet, but it is expected to be worth the wait. I wish her nothing but luck, she doing thing right this time around.


  1. I like Britney, and I'm rooting for her to get herself together and do things the right way. But I'm at a loss as per her decision to give K-Fed sole custody of the kids. Maybe I'm traditional but isn't she planning to try learning how to be a better mom for them?

  2. Frankly speaking, I love Britney and I am EXTREMELY glad that she is going to come back and she looks brilliant again,

  3. She is very gorgeous.
    She has posted this pic on a dating club " C a s u a l S e e k . C o m " . Many of her fans were seeking for her and wanna chat with her.She is very hot on that club and that club is also hot because of her.

  4. this IS the BEST i have seen her look in years! She better do it!


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