Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fashion: Rock Like a Star For Less!

Okay, this site became popular in the "Sex and The City" movie. and it basically allows you to BORROW high fashion bags, shades and jewelry for cheap. You simply visit the site, and register and you can shop through all the popular brands such as Fendi, Chanel, Leiber, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.

Gucci Tote Bag
97.00 a week or 285.00 a month

Valentino Patent Bow Tote
66.00 a week or 254.00 a month

Ladies, you can rock bags like the ones above for cheap, you can rent it by the week/month and return it and swap it out for another or just stop there. It's basically for the ballers on a budget to look fly at upscale events for less. Lol! Beats being busted with a bootleg Louis Vuitton or Gucci! Be sure to check out the site by clicking here!


  1. Hey FAB!!

    I'm digging the black bag!

    FYI - Posted pics of the trip on CITC!

  2. the black bag is nice, but the idea of renting, im not too sure

    but hey, if u cant afford it.

  3. I looove Bag Borrow or Steal. With so many people handling the bags, I wonder how they keep them clean & from getting ragged

  4. i like the black one. but borrowing it? i don't think so. buying it? i don't think so either. it's too expensive. T_T


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