Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flashback Post:Who owned it? Beyonce vs Leona vs Jlo

I opened this blog on Wednesday, 17 October 2007 and this was the 2nd and 3rd entry I ever posted on the Blog. Back then I had lots of ideas and I was excited when i opened it.

Didnt know much about fashion then, well now I have Urban-hoopla but I had the eye,lol.

Check out the original posts here & here. I kept everything thesame.Part of that flashback feeling

leona lewis and beyonce were caught both wearing the same dolce and gabbanna beautiful dress,who owned it

its like the hot new trend is this new belt/corset,jlo,leona lewis and beyonce were caught wearing it,notice how the fuller women pull it off

So who owned it?


  1. as much as i don't want to say it, beyonce' definitely owned it-she has the body for it definitely!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  2. Leona owned it if u ask me...

    u said up on ma blog that u liked the comment system...its one of the new things that google has going on...jus sign in to then go to ur settings and comments u'll see where u can enable comments appearing as a pop up and u'll also see sth abt comments being on the same page jus enable it...

  3. I think Beyonce wore it better than Leona Lewis, BUT I like JLo wearing it better than Beyonce. That belt with the leather pants is pure rock diva.

  4. Beyonce for real. Curves rock!

    I keep wondering what Leona's anccestry is BTW. Anybody know?

  5. ooh beyonce was thick as hell back then


  6. i thought those big belts were already out of trend that's why i'm no longer using mine. o_O

  7. beyonce is so beautiful!!

    a kiss!!

  8. Hun, thank you so much for your sweet and supportive words.

    I'm sorry I've been a bit away, but you know I've been busy, so am I forgiven?

    I've lots of posts to catch, 'cause I don't want to be behind.

    Love darling.


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