Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Naomi Campbell And Tyson Beckford Visit Lagos//ThisDay Africa Rising concert

Models Naomi Campbell and Tyson Beckford paid a visit to Lagos Island Maternity ward on July 13, 2008 in Lagos, Nigeria.

They were probably in town for the 3rd This Day Africa Rising concert on July 11, which included appearances by Usher,JayZ,Rihanna and Oswald Boateng

Day 2 took place at the Thisday Arena in Lagos, Nigeria below are pictures of Mary J Blige and Chris Brown at the event


  1. Tyson & Naomi look great together! if only she wasn't a crazy bitch she's turned herself into!!!!!! such a beautiful woman who could have made a lot of her image!!!!!

    Kudos 2 ThisDay for bringing Naija into (positive) spotlight though!

  2. i am really sick of chris brown walkin' around with his shirt off like his body is something to look at. he needs to hit the gym, drink some protein shakes and put on some lean muscle mass. and i guess because he is gettin' tattooed up, he is gangsta now. man...sitcho azz down!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  3. are naomi and tyson an item?

  4. Love the idea of the event in Naija....but Oh, Mary! That denim jumper is not kosher on anyone older than the age of 7!


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