Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW MUSIC//Brandy & T-Boz

Listen to Brandy-First & Snippet
Its nine days to go before brandy unveils her new single on her MySpace page. A new track hopefully from her new project just leaked unto the net. It’s titled “first and love”.

I love it, actually I love her voice, and she can sing anything and ill buy it. I’m looking forward to her new album.

Listen to T.Boz-You Got Me Open

It was reported that former TLC star, T.boz signed a deal with SLC/Universal.

A new track from her forthcoming project recently hit the net. It’s titled "you got me open"

What do you think of it.


  1. T.boz not bad!!

  2. I will, but right now let's enjoy her amazing photos )))

  3. I agree Brandy's sound is SOOO AMAZING she can sing me to sleep any time; i love her voice. That T-Boz song is way to chill and plain to be a single on the album-

  4. I did not know T-Boz has a new single floating around the music blogosphere. Great eye, F&F!

    By the way I love the creative banner graphic, :)

  5. she is gorgeous beauty! it is said she had a profile on casualpal. com, thousands of casual encounters seeking for fun, what is she looking for? ummm...

  6. yep, brandy has always 'been' good, cant wait for d 'single'.
    BTW i luv TBOZ's hair, looks very cute.
    goodluck to her


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