Saturday, July 26, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Whitney Houston Ft Akon

Whitney Houston latest joint, recently leaked unto the net, the song is titled "Like I never left" ft Akon. I am really excited to hear new material from Whitey, its been so long. Her album is said to drop November 10th.

I never though I’d ever say this about Whitney Houston song but, the song is a mess, with a capital M.

Not something that'll grow on me, it’s not catchy, Akon made the song worst in my opinion; I felt she was holding back towards the end. The track was lack luster, maybe my expectations are too high, when it comes to her, but can I be blamed?

I'm pretty sure, this is just teaser, to let fans know "Whitney is coming"... Because if this is a legit track, then boy o boy, I had better go and buy Paris Hilton's album.


  1. Hey thanks for the post, but i have to disagree with you. I LOVE THIS SONG! As soon as i heard it i was hooked. It's radio worthy, and it's just what she needs to prepare us for her comeback.

    Thanks for the post. :-)

  2. listening to it now.sounds cool

  3. Whitney's back? cool. i wanna hear her song.

  4. Am glad she is back. I am so happy she did not disappear and lose all to drugs. If this song aint cool enuf to celebrate (yet to listen to it though) her come back is enuf to trigger my happiness. I love that gurl

  5. How cool Whitney is back, really like her, must hear the song!!!



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