Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Out and About With:Cassie


Cassie Hosted The Launch Of Madison Square Garden's "NYC Sound Tracks" yesterday (July 1st) in New York City, at Metrazur Restaurant.

She has a new album out in september, She just recently rapped up the video for her first single "Official girl". Lil Wyane is also featured on the song and video.

Continue reading for more info on her new album and More Pictures*

Video Blog added 25/06/2008
Too much to say

Video Blog Added 28/06/2008
Waking Up

Behind The Scene's Of "Official Girl"

Listen to Official Girl


  1. she's such a pretty girl..UGH now if only she could sing

  2. She is sexy.I have searched her photo on " " which is a casual encounter dating site. It is said that she is seeking one night relationship . Is it true?

  3. This girl is SO beautiful! I hope she does well w/the new album

  4. i am kinda mad that 'quick' found ol' girl to be beautiful. she looks like a well-dressed #2 pencil. is she still datin' diddy???

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  5. I say this again, Cassie needs to retire the mic and just be a model. She is beautiful and that is about it.


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