Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jordin Sparks Live Good Morning America

Yesterday, Jordin Sparks was on "Good Morning America" and performed her latest single "One Step At A Time

She looked great, Looks like shes been laying off the steaks, shes looking trim and sexy...she had some issues with her vocal chords and had to take some time off to rest, so the performance was a lil bit rusty, but she still sounded great, shes a great performer...but i was watching her guitar player, whats that foolishness on his beard lol.


  1. haha

    she did a fab job!

  2. lol@the guitar player
    i hope thats not whats hot in the streets

  3. woot. woot. i really love that song "one step at a time". ^^

  4. as long as she doesn't screech and yodel she won't have to worry about having those throat issues.


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