Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MTB4 Priemere Party//106 & Parks 2000th Episode

Last night in NY Choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, Day26, Teyana Taylor, Dawn Richard, and DJ Clue all celebrated the premiere of making the Band 4. Damn Laurie Ann wasn't playing, she wasn't gonna be outshined…LoL speaking of Laurie Ann, I was at The F$%K it List today and I ran across this hilarious video of Laurie Ann on the runway.

I'm surprised attention whore Aubrey wasn't there, shes been spotted everywhere lately...

Loads on celebs came out on Monday for the taping of 106 & parks 2000th episode. Including T.I, Bow wow, Keyshia Cole, Terrance Howard, LL Cool J and Jennifer Hudson who also performed her latest single "Spotlight"

The show will air tonight @ 6pm on BET, be sure to check it out!


  1. I had to click on my own link to laugh at Laurieanne again. HAHAHA

    I usually boycott BET but I will watch it tonight just to see Terrance Howard make a fool of himself. I really can't take him!

    How is Aubrey going to let BOOMKACK steal her shine like that. hahah

  2. I HATE jhuds shoes and dress, but hate the shoes more

    Bow wow and Souja looks seci as hell

    And what the hell is Ms boom klack wearing, the hair doesn't suit her

  3. our fav hot mess wasn't there. She let us down !!

  4. A]what the hell is Boom kack wearing?
    B]why are bow wow and soulja boy standing next to each other with little clothing on?

    I can't, lol.

  5. I was at that Danity Kane party... loads of fun

  6. The yellow dress is fantastic )


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