Thursday, August 28, 2008

NEW Kelly Rowland Nike Advert

Peep the new commercial for "Nike's 'Human Race" Campaign. The world-wide race takes place on August 31st.

The race brings together the power of sport and music to inspire and connect runners from every corner of the planet. Music will take center stage around the globe for the August 31 event. Runners will experience exclusive performances by some of today's top artists in each of the 25 designated race cities, including Kelly Rowland in Paris.

Can we say Seeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy!!! She looked absolutely stunning in that advert damn. Kelly is just doing it all wrong, these days sex appeal sells more than talent, so I say for her next album, she should switch up the sex appeal and she might actually start selling some albums...Nevertheless Kelly is huge in the UK, and “Work” was a massive hit!! I just think she has what it takes to sell her music; she just needs to be marketed differently

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