Monday, August 04, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Solange,Girlicious,Danity Kane,Beyonce,Leona Lewis


A new track from Solange just leaked; the song is titled "T.O.N.Y". Taken from her new album "SoL-AngeL and the Hadley Street Dreams" (Aug 26th)

Although I’ve said I don’t like Solange's music, I think I’ll take that back!! I was just judging from "I decided" (can’t stand that song)

This is a really good piece of music, this girl better have success with this album, because she is doing all the right things, the album is carefully leaking, the songs are sounding good. Why not!

Listen to: Solange-T.O.N.Y

The ladies of Girlicious are set to release their debut self titled album August 12th. A new song just surfaced "Baby Doll" said to be their second single.

Comparing them to Danity Kane and Pussycat dolls was a bit far fetched. This song says it all

Listen to: Girlicous-Baby Doll

Check out an unreleased track from Danity Kane's "Welcome to the Dollhouse" album. Wow!! this song is all over the place. Its just not the type of music they should be focusing on.

Listen to: Danity Kane-Its Youres

A new track from Leona Lewis has surfaced, Word is that its a left over from her debut album "Spirit" but I think its a pretty good song to have been leftover, anyway its a short snippet, enjoy!

Listen to: Leona Lewis-Nowhere left to go

A new Beyonce track has surfaced, No word on if its from her new project or left over from the old, but it’s a pretty good song!

Listen to: Beyonce-Case

It’s not Beyonce!!


  1. No sir... that is not Beyoncé.
    Doesn't even sound like her,
    But that Solange song is currently on my MySpace page!

  2. I love the live version of T.O.N.Y. but i can't download it....i want to hear most of the songs for the first time when i buy the don't know how tempted i am though! lol


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