Saturday, August 09, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Donnie Klang-Take You There Ft. Diddy

Wat's gd all, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I cant get enough of the new banner, every time I see it, I love it even more, lol. This is all thanks to our fantastic friends over at Sprock Stars (Check em out)

And also Kaleo made us a great banner too, but I could'nt use it, because it didn't fit, but big shout out to him too. Hit him up too, its all love!

"Taken Down Due to Request of Label"

Watch it on YouTube

The long awaited video from Diddy's solo artist Donnie Klang "Take You There" featuring Diddy himself. Premiered yesterday on FNMTV.

This will serve Donnie as the first single from him long overdue album "Just A Rolling Stone" out September 2nd

The video is very nice, but I hate the song! I wish him nothing but luck with the album though

Actually after watching the video, I kinda warmed up to the song, I liked his little ad libs at the end and Diddy’s rap sort of brought the song up for me. Did you guys peep Cassie at the beginning?


  1. Mad Love No Doubt! Im glad u loved the banner FRESH N FAB ROCK!! Much Respect.

  2. Donnie needs all the help he can get. Cant believe they made u take the video down. Very very very stupid


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