Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seeing as there’s not much to post today!!!

I’m not familiar with American soaps, but I have heard a thing or two about "The Young and The Restless". I caught this clip on YouTube, not sure how old it is...but I remember this girl form "My Wife and Kids", her name is Jamia Simone Nash she plays Anastasia in the soap.

She really has a beautiful voice, anytime I’m on YouTube, I always check this video out!

Does anyone have any news, Theres


  1. i remember when she was on apollo as a rugrat...nice voice for a kid. :)

  2. This clip is from an episode of Y&R a few weeks ago. She definitely has a big voice for such a little girl. I happened to see that episode of My Wife of Kids just the other day and realized it was her.

  3. that little girl can blow.... I dont remember her from my wife and kids but I do remember her from something... either way... she can blow!


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