Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Spotted: Beyoncé & Jay-Z

These two have been getting caught by that paps alot in the last few days, Yesterday they were spotted taking a stroll in New York and Bee was pictured rockin' an Obama Tee!

Spotted at Sandra Rose!

Speaking of Beyoncé, she's alse featured in Danny Clinche's backstage Photography Photos from the 2006 Grammy Awards,

Like the Jack and Loretta one, I took this at the Grammys. Of course, I photograph everyone with their Grammy because the Grammy police are there. Then, at the end, if the person's got enough time, I try to get a portrait of them without the Grammy. The thing I remember, and I think I'm being truthful about this, is that Beyoncé came back and her publicist told me ''she doesn't really want to do anything else — but she wants to have her picture taken by you.'' I tried to keep it really simple and elegant. She is as beautiful and cool a person as you will find.


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