Friday, August 22, 2008

SPOTTED::Celebs at J&R MusicFest


The J&R’s MusicFest concert series took place Thursday afternoon in City Hall Park, New York on Thursday afternoon. Solange, Michelle Williams and Terrance Howard performed and spotted in the audience were Beyonce, Jay Z and Tina Knowles

Beyonce spotted at J&R’s MusicFest concert series. JayZ and Tina Knowles where there too!

Michelle Williams Performed

So did Solange Knowles

And Terrace Howard


  1. I love Beyonce's outfit. The scarf & bag are serious business.

    Michelle's outfit is hot, but man, does she look bony!!!

    Solange is definitely working the promotion circuit.

    I see Terrance Howard has decided to take his musical brand of foolishness on the road. SMH

  2. Tell me Millie wasn't beat! I thought her body looked good-

  3. i really wanna see them perform live. =[


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