Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Upgarde or Downgrade::Omarion Cuts Hair

Omarion recently cut off his braids and uploaded the video on his YouTube page. My little sister is outraged, she ain't having non of it!!!

Your Thoughts


  1. I think it was time. He needed to do something different!

  2. oh hell naw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    look at that soft smooth hair

    Do you know how many girls would die for that, and he just chops it off!!!!

    im pissed

  3. wow, wish that was my hair...what a waste..but he is a grown ass man and needed to get rid of the hair...

    thats his mum right??? she is so cute..

  4. Well braids are more for kids then for grown men. He did have some beautiful hair though. SMH


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