Friday, August 22, 2008

World Premiere::Cassie Ft Lil Wayne-Official Girl Video

The video for Cassie's First single "Official Girl" premiered today on on MTV's FNMTV. Check it out

This is lifted from her 2nd studio album, the song is produced by Danja and written by the clutch

The song and video features Lil Wayne and the video was directed by Chris Robinson( Jennifer Hudson "Spotlight", Jordin Spars "No Air", Amerie "1 thing" Usher ft Alicia Keys "My Boo")

Hmmm....I wasn't really feeling the song at first, but this video has got me liking it abit more and the Lil Wayne addition to the song was a great idea. I'm actually quite surprised, her album might just be something to look forward to

Look for her album later this year or early next year


  1. i can't see the video. T_T

    anyway, you're welcome. happy weekend. ^^

  2. wow, she just looks FABULOUS in this video, and yes the video makes you like the song more.

  3. ooh FABULOUS pink dress

  4. Cassie betta work!!!!

  5. She is styled like Aaliyah in some shots. The song is ok, the beat is catchy.

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