Monday, August 11, 2008

YouTube Spotlight::BRiANA

Singing Mariah Carey's-Love Story

We all know there are some amazing singers on YouTube...Check out someone who recently caught my eye.

Briana is Just 17 years old and has been singing on YouTbe for like 5months now, The reason i like her is because her voice is smooth and sweet. She even dances as well (what more can we ask)

CHANElM0TT is her YouTube page, if you are feeling her, subscribe too

Dancing to Pussycat Dolls-Buttons (Shes, the one in red)


  1. Loving the tone of her voice.

  2. Angel..Matrina K12 August 2008 at 03:05

    shes a good singer, i like her dancing too!!!


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