Sunday, September 07, 2008

2008 MTV Music Awards ::Performances::

Britney Spears Opens The Show

Rihanna Performs ::Disturbia::

Rihanna opened the show, a lot of people were expecting Britney Spears to open, it wasn’t really confirmed if she was gonna perform though, but people kept an open mind, so on seeing Rihanna I’m sure, people felt the need to hate even more. This always happens to her, Remember the WMA (05 I think it was), when Michael Jackson was supposed to perform and then she came on, and sort of got booed a bit, lol.

After watching all the performances, No one else was fit to open but her. The performance was simply amazing, Vocals=6/10 Performance 9/10. She worked that song, entrance was hot, she didn’t sound have bad. I give her an overall 9/10

Lil' Wayne - ::Medley (feat. Leona Lewis & T-Pain)::

This was hotness, Lil Wayne did his thang, I can’t complain. Leona sounded good as always, wait a minute, they have a song together? T-pain did his thang, it was a first-class performance. 7/10

Watch The Rest After the cut*

Pink Performs ::So What::

This was another stunner, she looked and sounded amazing and the performance was excellent. The fireworks, the jumping from the building, the whole this was great and to top it up, her vocals were impeccable. Only one thing, the note or whistle at the end, whatever that was, was a bit of a mess. But who cares, she’s a rock star, anything goes. 7/10

T.I Performs ::Whatever U Like & Live Your Life ft. Rihanna::

This was another hotness, just keep getting better, “Whatever you like” was nice, then “Live your life” was the highlight for me. Rihanna came onto the stage looking a million bucks. I loved her whole swagger this song is actually my ringtone. The beginning gets me. I can’t wait for the music video 6/10

Christina Aguilera Performs ::Gennie in the bottle/Keeps Getting better::

Now this...This was the highlight of the show for me. I previously said I didn’t like this song “Keeps getting better”, but I didn’t know she’ll ever perform it like this. The rendition of “genie in the bottle” was A-class, the whole dance routine and theme of the performance was right on the money. If the video comes close to this, then she has a hit of her hands. I’m still stunned, I would have never expected This from her, although it looked like she lip synced, I really don’t mind, she gave a great performance and everyone knows she’s a powerhouse, so she’s got nothing to prove, as far as singing live is concerned. This was probably the first time, a lot of people heard the song, so she had to sell it and she did. 10/10

Kanye West Performs ::Love Lock Down::

This was mind blowing, my jaw dropped, Kanye did his thang, I would have never expected it from him. So much emotion, it was pulsating. All the things he has gone through (break up, death of mother) was just moulded and served through the song. I really enjoyed it. He is very brave and creative and what a great way to close the show 10/10. I loved it

Thats My Two Cents, Add yours B4 YouTube Deletes

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  1. *yawn* didn't watch past the first 30 mins; lol so thanks for posting these performances!


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