Friday, September 12, 2008

FNF Giveaway!! : Tyler Perry "A Family That Preys"

Hey Fresh and Fab readers! We are hosting our first ever Giveaway, it's sponsored by our friends over at Lions Gate Entertainment celebrating the release of "A Family That Preys" which is in theaters now! Heres the rules and how to enter:
1. Send an Email to
2. Include "A Family That Preys" or "Tyler Perry Giveaway" in the Tagline/Subject
3. Include Your Name, Age & Address in the Body (Message)

You may enter up to 5 times, any emails without proper information will be ignored and not entered into the drawing. Names will be entered into a random drawing at which two names will be chosen to receive the grand prize. The prize itself includes an "A Family That Preys" official Notebook, Poster, Teaser Poster amongst other items. Contest ends Friday, September 19th and is open to all readers of Fresh and Fab, Goodluck!

Extended Trailer && More Info After The Jump!
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And this is a spoiler, well not quite! If you go to theaters and check out this movie, get there early! There's an exclusive preview of Mr. Perry's upcoming comedy, Madea Goes To Jail!


  1. Love this Movie saw it today s0 good

    sanaa plays a mean ass role

    a Must SEEE,, cant wait for madea's goes to jail--thats gunna b funnnyyyy

  2. Not sure if you are just trying out new banners or if the rotation is done purposely, but I love that your banner changes. :-)

    I am off to see the movie this weekend. I hope it's as good as the commercials look.

  3. Glad you guys seen/are going to go see the movie,
    please be sure to enter the drawing!

  4. I like the update on the site...I am one of the people who happen to like Tyler's movies...I'm looking forward to this one...

  5. Can't wait to see this movie...i'm entering to win! lol

  6. ...'m goin2hav to see the movie...his movies are really good...howz the entries doing?

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  8. I don't want to reveal my age Fab..... LOL LOL


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