Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Live Performance::Pink, Keri Hilson,Pussycat Dolls & Nelly, Ashanti and Akon

Pussycat Dolls were on The Ellen show yesterday promoting their new album which hit stores yesterday. They performed their smash hit "When I Grow Up". For some reason I sat through this performance, it was watchable I guess.

Nelly's been out promoting his new album "Brass knuckles" which hit stores last week(Ill let you know how that did int he charts tomorrow)stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show and performed the single "Body on Me" alongside Akon and Ashanti.

The performance was good, nothing amazing, but i was watching Ashanti and her tight a** (what is that, tights?).

Pink was recently at Much Music and performed some tracks off her new album "Fun House". Heres a performance of her #1 single "So What". The performance was nice, shes a rock star, love it!

Keri Hilson and 6 more Pink Under the cut*

Keri Hilson gave yahoo a special performance of her new single "Energy" on Yahoo's "Who's Next". quite boring if you ask me.

Pink-Who Knew live Much

Pink - Live@Much: Sober

Pink - Live@Much: Please Don't Leave Me

Pink - Live@Much: Trouble

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  1. Im surprised AKON has committed his self to going everywhere with NELLY, akon is his on rockstar, but hey he probably really loves tha song, nelly is payin him alot, or hes bored, w no cds to make or songs to produced?!?!


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