Thursday, September 04, 2008

Michelle at Bloomingdales//New Myspace Blog//Beyonce's Birthday

Check Out Michelle Williams in the windows of NYC’s Bloomingdales Department store as part of the Hot Rocks display!

The picture looks beat, I haven't posted Michelle in a minute, thats because she broke her ankle....Read more on her new myspace blog.

Oh before I forget, its Beyonce's birthday today, shes 27...Happy Birthday Bee!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Hey!! How are you guyssssssss?? I've been missing all of you guys!! I know y'all haven't seen or heard from me!! Would you like to know why?? I TWISTED MY ANKLE!!! It was pretty bad!! But I've been home getting spoiled by my family and also getting the best rehab for my ankle. It's amazing what we take for granted. We need every limb and ligament in our bodies to do the smallest things. I was tripping out at hard it is just to do baby squats. But it's cool.......I'll be back in my stilettos in a minute. Right now I've been able to wear some fresh, dope sneakers.

If there are some sneakers I need to grab....let me know which ones!! :)

Anyhoo.......I will try to get my kyte phone up and running and will do some live footage of me getting physical therapy today. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

Somebody did this to me bcuz they knew if i was 100%, I'd be killin 'em!!!!! It's always something or somebody tryna hold me down!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

I'm just playin' before this gets outta hand, let me do a disclaimer saying that. Michelle (Tenitra) is a jokester!! That keeps me in trouble!!! Y'all pray for my mouth and my brain!!! Sometimes mouth speaks and thoughts come second!!!!

Alrighty....let me get back to my ice machine and keep this ankle elevated!! Love you all.



  1. get it chelle..That pose is fucking uncomfortable thogh


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