Friday, September 12, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Jennifer Hudson-Giving Myself To You (Live)

Jennifer Hudson Performed a new song from her self titled album (Sept 30th) at a radio station Live. The song is titled "Giving Myself To You".

The song is written and produced by Robin Thicke, its an awesome ballad, she did a great job, I cant wait for her album.


  1. She is not one of my favorites however she has a nice voice and well I hope it goes well for her in the music industry.....
    thanks for stopping by earlier on and sorry about the mix as well.. Its just that you have quite some touch like that of a female LOL its a compliment
    See ya around

  2. I listened to this song early one morning on my laptop while I was in bed....I literally cried...The song is absolutely beautiful....beautifully sung

    You can tell she's singing from her heart because there's so such powerful emotions from someone so young....I do understand the words completely because I've been there and done that where I finally found someone that I could just completely be myself with....

    Lovely Lovely Ballad


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