Monday, September 15, 2008

VIBE::We did NOT Photoshop Ciara's Nude Cover

Da Da Da Dum...So last week I posted a story saying "Ciara is suing Vibe Magazine, because they photoshoped her underwear to make her appear completely nude". Now, VIBE's Editor In Chief Danyel Smith, defended the magazine and set the record straight during a recent interview with KISS FM. She says "CIARA DID POSE NUDE & IT WAS HER IDEA TO POSE NUDE" & "VIBE WOULD NEVER PUT ANYONE OUT THERE IN SOME WAY THAT THEY DIDN'T AGREE TO BE"

I believe them, I dont know why Ciara's people are tyrna front. She posed nude in the other shots, so why not on the cover. And I dont even believe that a high profiled magazine like "Vibe" would to damage their reputation like that. So Ciara quit lying, you posed nude, some people like it and some dont. move on!

Listen to the Interview here


  1. all these doesn't make sense. oh well, let's wait 4 d courts 2 decide. God help Ciara if it was a verbal agreement!

    ahem, woz up wit d bridal ring thing between fresh & fab. d bell don dey ring?

  2. HAHA fff, U no go kill me
    which bell, at 18...nah 4 u my dear, u no say ure own bell don start to ring

  3. I figured that was not true, because those would have been photoshoped to perfection! I know you can do a lot w/photoshop, but damn! lol

  4. LOL. Yeah, she looks nude to me... She needs to just get over it. On a stretch, let's say vibe airbrushed a thong strap out of the pic--her butt was still pretty much nude.

  5. If you look under her right arm there looks as if there is a bathing suit. I think they did remove the thong strap from her hip. IMO. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? She put herself out there like that, so the damage is done.

  6. she is sexy, great cover :)

    a kiss!!

  7. it was a pr stunt on her part in my opinion you know these people


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