Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aubrey and D.woods Kicked out of Danity Kane

“Puff did not like [O'Day's] image…where her image was going for the group,” Dawn Richard - one of the three remaining bandmates - tells exclusively. “It wasn’t a personal thing,” Richard continues, saying her sexy look (the singer posed topless in Complex last month) was alienating young fans.

“We had just did a signing with Dollhouse Teen, which is for 13, 14-year-old young girls,” Richard says. “So we can’t do that one day and then the next day do an obnoxious cover…. [Diddy] wants the fans, and he says he can’t do that if we can continue to go in the direction that we were going.”

So it looks like Aubrey O'Day and D.woods have been kicked out of girl group "Danity Kane". Oh well, what a shame, I actually liked them.

D.Woods did'nt even turn up, I saw her today on the 2008 Mobo awards, here in the UK. She presented an award and was going on about a new group,(Girls club) when asked about Danity Kane (Smart girl, got a back-up group and everything)

Ahhhh never mind, another one bites the dust, we still got Pussycat Dolls lol.


  1. So depressed about this, I have no words but Diddy fucked himself up.

  2. Crazy, ridiculous!
    I never was a big fan but I sure as hell didnt mind them.
    I feel so bad for them all.

  3. lol, im over it.Then they have another finale coming in January. UGH!!


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