Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beyonce & Solange To Tour Together

Word is that Beyoncé will embark on a 110-date world tour that will begin in April 2009 and trek through Canada, Europe, the U.S. (with a one-week stint in Las Vegas), Mexico, South America, Japan, Africa, and Australia. But what you didn’t hear was that Beyoncé won’t be the only Knowles on the road.

It is also being discussed for Solange Knowels (Beyonce's Sister) to join her big sis’ on tour. After seeing the elder Knowles rock arenas, fans would be able to go to a more intimate location and watch Solange perform at an official “after-party.” Specific details have yet to be announced. {RAP-UP}

Good on them, Thats a great idea. Should be a hot tour.


  1. I dont know how hot this tour will be.

  2. Coulda sworn Solange was all "Don't associate me with my sister",
    now she's all ready to be on tour with the sister she doesn't wanna be associate with.
    Negroids I tell ya...


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