Thursday, October 16, 2008

Danity Kane PETA Ad


Aubrey, Shannon, D. Woods, Aundrea, and Dawn recently jumped at the chance to shoot a new ad for PETA with their best smiles on–and all their clothes off.

They posed for PETA’s iconic “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad series, which will run in magazines this fall.

Althought it was announcement on Making the Band that Danity Kane members Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods are leaving the group, PETA is forging ahead with plans to release the ad campaign starring all five original members.

Ahh shame they are no more


  1. Yay Girls Club!! I love Love D.Woods sister Shanell and their BFF Meka. The group is hot.

  2. do they know that all of that make-up that they are wearing is most likely some bi-product of a experimented and killed animal. tsk! tsk!

    [associated mess©]

  3. They look flawless

  4. They look great, but DWoods and Dawn's faces are photoshoped to hell! Diddy made such a bad decision w/ this group

  5. Quick I agree. This AD is a loaded photoshopped picture but it still got the main message across, lol!

  6. Great pic...Im all for PETA!

    I kind of saw where Diddy was coming from for a few seconds during the LIVE special on MTV but then its just like NO- what the hell!? They are HUGE right now..they could work out their problems, as long as the problems arent going public...whats the problem??
    I feel awful for the 3 remaining girls!

  7. why so airbrushed, my God, its amazing


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