Monday, October 27, 2008

Fresh&fab on::The X-Factor 2008 {Week 3}

The Talent Show that Made Leona Lewis a global superstar is back! And I'm gonna be bringing you coverage, every single Sunday(or Monday). The results show takes place on Saturday and Britney Spears, Beyonce and Mariah Carey have all been confirmed performers on the show.

If you are unfamiliar with X-Factor, it's basically the UK's Equivalent to American Idol. But with a twist, the 12 contestants are split into 4 groups

Girls//Boys//Groups//Overs 25's

I didn't have enough time do any updates yesterday, Thats because me and my boys went see the "NFL New Orleans Saints vs San Diego Chargers Game" yesterday at the Webembly arena. It was a great game (New Orleans won, booooooo!!!). Ne-Yo performed "Star Spangled Banner", I was sitting this close to him. Anyway, I didn't get a chance to catch X-factor, but I watched what needed to be watched on my phone.

So, the Highlights.

The them was "Big Band", a personal favorite of mine. Alex performed "Candy man", I must say she did an awesome job, really showed of her vocal abilities, I was really impressed, as of now, I'm rooting for her to win!!!

2nd performance was Rachel Hylton, she performed "feeling good" (A song I love), I wasn't really moved by this performance, but its her best yet. I really thought she had alot more to give than this, but this looks like her best. I hope not, time will tell anyway.

Lastly the 12 finalists performed a cover of Mariah Carey's Hit "Hero" a charity single Charity Single out now, helping injured military regiments that deserve more. They all did an amazing job, you can tell who the possible winners are, because they all stood out. You can buy the song here or go out to shops and buy it now.

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  1. i watched the show live last saturday and Rachel was AMAZING!!!!! and she looked breath-taking. i hated thesong alexandra performed, this wasnt my favourite performance of hers but i guess the crowd/judges liked it. looking forward to next week.


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