Thursday, October 09, 2008

Freshandfab::Add your 2 Cents (II)

The last time I did this, I got alot of suggestions and advise, and Hopefully tackled all the problems from before, so I hope we do the same for this.

Watz gd all.
So I want to dedicate today to you guys
After all, you are the ones who visit and read the site.

I want to know what you like and what you dislike
Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
Tell who you would like to see more/less on the site

I want to do my little bit in trying to improve and making the site more enjoyable for you readers

I would really really appreciate all SUGGESTIONS, although I don't mind, but go anonymous if you wish

Updates, up next*


  1. I THINK YOUR LOOK IS ABIT OUTDATED, jooge it up abit. And stop hating on Ciara

  2. This pic should stretch across the page, but don't cover up the butterfly thingy...

    @ might want to read a bit. This blog is very objective about celebs, and... hold up, is that not Ciara in the header pic, and the pic in this post?

    D Fresh do your thing joo. I like the deep green.

  3. I've been a reader for about a month now and I have no complaints, you do a fab job! :)

  4. I dont think theres been anything, You do what you do well

    How u dey?

  5. @anon, it will b taken care of soon and i dont hate on Ciara!

  6. creative intellect fails me at this only say is that you add not pepper & salt to your news because i have been duely informed by this blog in the past...keep the good job on...f& you biko...xx

  7. Fresh&Fab...You do a good job here to be honest, You update regularly, i wouldnt say update more, because we all have lives. I like the topics you choose to post, most always relevant.

    You used to have a "Who wore it better, who wore it best..." post, i used to enjoy that alot. But i havent seen much of that latley.

    Thats about it, I think...Carry on with the excellent work.

  8. everything looks good to me, maybe some more underground music and movies.

  9. I am so proud of F&F, i consider you my peer in the world of blogging, and i am so happy for all your growth!

    I would just say keep the hot content coming...that's why i love to come here. You always got the hottest stories!

  10. i have been a fan of your site since day one and there is not much i could even suggest to change; it is a great spot. i like the layout; if it ain't broke, then please don't fix it. things always look great as far as i am concerned.

    [associated mess©]

  11. I have been a fan like Mike and Marcus for awhile. It is cool. My site layout sucks so anything looks cool to

    seriously...wonderful blog. It loads faster now. I am glad you minimized the Fresh and Fab header. Keep up the good work..onelove

  12. Looks great...I know that doesn't help, but it works well...

  13. everything looks good to me either. sorry if i don't visit that much. but i do if i've got time. =]


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