Tuesday, October 07, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Beyonce-If I Were a Boy {FULL HQ}

UPDATE::You Can Hear "If I was a Boy" in FULL HERE

Check out a low quality clip of one of Beyonce's New singles "If I were a Boy". I'll wait till I hear the full thing before I comment.

Check out 1/2 singles from Beyonce titled "If were a Boy". Its definatly not your typical Beyonce song, I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting a hardcore club banger. But instead its a subtle pop ballad.

I'm not a hater, so i dont need to be attacked, lol. But I'm not feeling it...Her vocals were on point, but im not agreeing with the song. But I will give it more listens and wait for the video and then conclude my feelings.


  1. of course you dont like it FUCKING HATERZ!!! You like skin and bones Michelle Williams, PPULEEEEEEEZE

    The song is straight up FIRE!!!!!

  2. I love what she's talking about. I can't wait to see the video for it. She definitely switch it up and I respect her for not placing a famous MC/singer on the track too. She did it alone for a lead single - a move she didn't do with "Crazy in Love" and "Deja Vu." Loooves it!

  3. i really dont like this song

  4. I like that her vocals are really strong, but I can' see making this one of my Beyonce favorites.

    For some reason this song reminds me of Joan Osbourne's song, "One Of Us." I thnk it's the music/meoldy.

  5. This is the first time i've heard a new B single and have been dissappointed! I'm dead

  6. I need to hear the entire album.
    If I Were A Boy, is really good, but im not impressed.
    Anyway, SIngle Ladies is hot =9

  7. it has a strong message but we are all used to the club banger singles that beyonce releases. but its still a good song


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