Thursday, October 09, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Alesha Dixon//Kanye Performs "Love Lockdown" on Ellen

Ok so I know some of you are thinking, who’s "Alesha Dixon",Pharell fans might remember her from this video. If not, She’s a British artist. Other than Leona, I don’t post a lot of British artists, and that’s a shame, because I’m British I think ill do us proud and post more British artists...ANYHOO. This is her new single "The Boy Does Nothing", taken from her upcoming album "The Alesha Show" Nov 17th:

Don’t dismiss it immediately, Its quite a catchy song and the overall package is quite hot, she reminds me of Beyonce, lol.

Kanye Performs "Love Lockdown" Live After the cut*

Kanye west premiered his new video "Lock Lockdown" on the Ellen show eailier in the week, peep him performing the single on the show too

I like the song and all, but this voice decoder thing, is seriously getting on my nerves. T-pain started it, it was cool, now everyones jumped on it and its just anoying.

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