Tuesday, October 07, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Ciara-Go Girl//106 & Park Appearance

Peep the new video from Ciara, the track is titled "Go Girl" and serves Ciara as the first single from her upcoming album "Fantasy Ride" (Dec 9th).

I thought that was....okay. Judging from the pics, I was expecting an amazing video, instead I got mediocre. She has done way better videos than that. I didn't even finish watching it, it actually got boring. I dunno, maybe my expectations were just too high. I think the video was disappointment. What do you think?

She appeared on 106 & Park yesterday to talk about her new album and other stuff, check it out after the cut.


  1. Oh, shut the fuck up! The video was SUPER HOT, SUPER INNOVATIVE, ALL AROUND AMAZING! Yo FAT AZZ could NEVER do it.

  2. Calm down dear,we all have opinions...it ain't that deep

  3. Turn THat TV UP!!!!!!!!!!!! ahah

    love it. I wonder what she gave Tpain

  4. Lmao at the fight above. But I think the video is MAD hot its just the song I don't care about too much.

  5. I agree with Anonymous 19:54. I like the video, but the song not so much.

    I can epecially do without T-Pain, his circus ringmaster hat & computerized singing.

  6. I gotta say I expected a lot more from the video - not sure why.


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