Thursday, October 02, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Usher-Traiding Places

Check out the new video from Usher, "Trading Places" is 3rd single from Ushers hit 5th studio album "Here I Stand".

WOW!!! That video was amazing, "SEX" is other words!!! lol

That Piano was doing it for me. He really pulled the cat outta the bag for this one. I applaud him. Although im not too hot on the song (or the album) he killed it with a good video. I must say, I would have prefered the oringinal choice of 3rd single "His Mistakes" thats my song. But if you are looking at it from a commercial point of vewi, im guessing "Trading Places" is the better chocie of single.

But whats going on with all the slow jams, where the Dancing Usher we all know, he needs to let the slow jams be and put out a good club banger!

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