Friday, October 17, 2008

Old School Friday::[DUETS]

Today’s OSF theme is “DUETS”. I’ve been M.I.A from OSF for some time now,I'm sorry, something always has to happen on a Friday and then I miss it. But I made sure i didn't miss it, especially with a theme like this.

Today's team has been my favorite in a while. "Duets", there so many, aren't they? But one that springs up to mind is Brandy and Monica's, The Boy is Mine.

This was when people still made good music, The song is an absolute classic and i just love brandy.

THANK GOD it's Friday, Hope you guys have a great weekend (I know I will)! And please stop by other OSF's

1. MrsGrapevine
2. Marvalus
3. Regina
4. Marcus Langford
5. Quick
6. Chocl8t
7. Cassandra
8. Kreative Talk
9. Lisa C
10. Invisible Woman
11. Vivrant Thing
12. Shawn Williams
13. Electronic Village
14. Hagar's Daughter
15. Danielle Vyas
16. DP
17. Dee
18. FreshandFab
19. LaShonda
20. AJ
21. Sharon
22. Believer1964
23. Shae-Shae
24. Danielle
25. sjp
26. msladydeborah
27. Thembi


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm looking forward to seeing this place get bigger AND BIGGER in years to come

  2. Happy belated Anniversary!
    I was never really a Brandy fan, but I loved Monica! Nice choice!

  3. Happy OSF & Anniversary! What ever happened to Brandy. She was white-hot for a number of years ... Cinderella and such...

    Thank you for visiting my OSF post today. I invite your blog readers to check out Billy Preston & Syreeta if they have time or inclinaton. These two had a great duet back in 1981 that I think y'all will enjoy!

    peace, Villager

  4. Oh, I like the OSF posts very much ;)

    Glad you did it...
    "when people still made good music..." I agree.

    Hope your weekend will be fantastic!!!!


  5. Happy belated anniversary, and have a good weekend

  6. Happy Anniversary, I created some "Special link love" at my site, check it out.

    Great OSF choice.


  7. Happy Belated Anniversary! I wish you many more!

    I love The Boy Is Mine...Brandy and Monica...what!?

  8. have loved that song. the boy is mine. ^^


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