Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TV Fab::Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks & The Saturdays

Jordin Sparks was recently on the "Sunrise" show, she performed "One Step at a Time" as well as "No air"(which is under the cut*). She did an amazing job, I love her as an artist, i think she has a beautiful voice and and I respect her as a person too.

Chris Brown was recently on "Australian Idol" he performed his hit single "Forever". He did a good job.

The Saturdays are a hot new 5-peice britsh girl group and they are taking the music scene by storm. The debut album "Chasing Lights" hit stores yesterday, and what is trilling me is their latest single "Up" which is destroying the charts right now. Im feeling this song so much that im tempted to go and buy their album. The girls recently performed "Up" at Tubridy Tonight show, what do you think of them?

Jordin Sparks and more "The Saturdays" after the cut*

The Saturdays-Up This Morning

Jordin Sparks, No Air live Sunrise


  1. wow that girl in the saturdays tore it up shes amazinggg!!!!!!!!!!!
    love them

  2. is it the same day or did they just wear the same thing again

  3. i think its thesame day, the girl is amazing, i know

  4. I love The Saturdays, their first 2 singles have been great! Though where is Frankie?


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