Thursday, November 06, 2008

Beyonce Steals Song From Leona Lewis?

It has been previously reported that Simon Cowel is furious that Beyonce recored a song for her new album "Halo" which was originally slated for Leona Lewis to record on her next album.

Simon Cowell was left reeling today after Beyonce recorded a song that was originally intended for Leona Lewis. The track called ‘Halo’ was written for Leona by Ryan Tedder, lead singer for soft-pop act One Republic, who also wrote Leona’s transatlantic smash ‘Bleeding Love’. Cowell was said to be shocked by the news that Beyonce had recorded the track as he had previously agreed with Tedder that the song would be recorded by Leona. An insider at SongBMG, Leona’s record label, said: “Leona’s diary is so rammed it didn’t look like she could record it until next year. Ryan didn’t want to hang around so he gave it to Beyonce”

You know what, If anyone is to blame its "Ryan Tedler" not Beyonce. If they were really serious about Leona recording the song, she should have recorded it and kept it aside. You cant keep such a song lying around to rot, and like he said, it didn't look like Leona was going to use it any time soon, so why pass off the opportunity of Beyonce singing it instead. They have no argument.


  1. i love that picture of beyonce

  2. Meh, I'm not really feeling that song. Too popish. Leona shouldn't really be too upset about losing that song.

  3. Damn imagine if blogs existed during "Survivor" and "Writing's On The Wall"??! Beyonce can't catch a break for nothing!


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