Saturday, November 29, 2008

Britney Spears Performs Womanizer Live at Star Academy

Yesterday,Britney Spears preformed her single "Womanizer" Live at Star Academy ( France ). Slightly better than the performance she gave at the Bambi awards, but that performance wasn't exactly amazing, but at least its getting better. I'm just glad to see her back on stage again doing her thing, but that notion is eventually gonna run out and im gonna wanna see a great performance off her. Anyway, I hope she pulls out all the stops for her performance tonight on the X-Factor, I read something about there being elephants?.


  1. 2 words: lip syncing

  2. I love Britney, but she needs to put a whole lot more energy into her performances. This isn't all Britney can do. She's acting like she's tired, and the lip syncing is too much. She should take cues from Beyonce and Janet Jackson.

  3. i wasn't a fan of Britney, but her breakdown got to me and i am so glad she is coming back strong.


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