Monday, November 03, 2008

Danity Kane to Perform as Trio

It looks like the girls of Danity Kane are not backing down, The rest of the girls, Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon are moving on with Danity Kane as a trio on Nov 14th at Jet Mirage Night Club.

Some people might say, they should just give up the whole thing, but i say, stick with it, why should their dream be shattered just because other members f***ed up.


  1. They seemed to really want this during the early stages of Making the Band so I'm glad these 3 are carrying I guess the rumor about Shannon quitting was just that, a rumor?

  2. I thought Shannon was leaving?
    Either that was a rumor or she realized she had bills to pay and snapped back to reality quick.
    This should be interesting...

  3. Who paying to see them? Im not feeling the three of them

  4. Can we say Destiny's Child!!! Maybe they should remain a trio, it might lead to greater success!!!???

    But one of them has to grow a personality first, lol

  5. Sad though, that poster just looks ridiculous.

  6. doesnt matter i dont listen to them anyways....oh but i do like the song....umm...something about a broken heart...and are you gonna fix it fix


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