Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fresh&fab on::The X-Factor 2008 {Week 5}

The Talent Show that Made Leona Lewis a global superstar is back! And I'm gonna be bringing you coverage, every single Sunday(or Monday). The results show takes place on Saturday and Britney Spears, Beyonce and Mariah Carey have all been confirmed performers on the show.

If you are unfamiliar with X-Factor, it's basically the UK's Equivalent to American Idol. But with a twist, the 12 contestants are split into 4 groups

Girls//Boys//Groups//Overs 25's

This weeks theme was "Mariah Carey", The legendary diva was in the house as well, she mentored the contestants as well as a performance of her hit, "Hero" which is currently #1 in the UK, covered by the contestants.

So, the Highlights.

This week was very shocking, one of my favorite contestants, Laura was voted off. With her voice and with the right people, she can be potentially be a huge star. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for her. Anyway, she sang

Alexandra Burke, I'm sure you guys are familiar with her now, shes my clear favorite now, she took on Mariah's "Without You" and did a great job. She has an incredible voice and can potentially be a "Power House".

Next up, Ruth, she was in the bottom 2 with Laura (I don't know why, when people like him are still in the competition). Judging from their original performances, I would have sent Ruth home, But she brought it home when she sang "Knocking at Heavens Door"at the sing off, she proved to me thats she's an amazing vocalist as well as a fighter. I'm now rooting for her to go far, plus shes a stunner, check out that body, jees!

Lastly, Mariah performed "Hero", unlike her "I Stay in Love" performance, she sang this 100% live. Shes NEVER gonna be able to sing this song like this live, ever again, so if this is what we get, then its not bad.

I'm being nice actually, she barely got through the whole song. Mariah needs to work on her voice, because performances like this, quite frankly don't cut it anymore. She used to be able bring down the house, singing live. But these days, its either pre-recored and mimed, or if we are lucky to get a live performance, its mediocre, mediocre. lol. To draw my rant to a conclusion, When i hear Mariah Carey, I think "One of the best vocalists of all time" then to come and settle for this, Its not on. She should be getting better with age, not the other way around.


  1. i thought i was the only one who felt embarassed for mariah, for coming to a talent show and NOT outshining the contestants, since she's had years and years of experience!. this was a catastrophic performance for someone who is soooo highly rated as the best selling female artist of all time.

    despite this i still love her to bits. she is my "hero" ;) but girl needs to STEP UP her game. xoxo

  2. you couldn't have put that any better, MiMi must step up her game!!


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