Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fresh&fab on::The X-Factor 2008 {Week 8}

The Talent Show that Made Leona Lewis a global superstar is back! And I'm gonna be bringing you coverage, every single Sunday(or Monday). The results show takes place on Saturday and Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Take That and many more have all performed on the show.

If you are unfamiliar with X-Factor, it's basically the UK's Equivalent to American Idol. But with a twist, the 12 contestants are split into 4 groups

Girls//Boys//Groups//Overs 25's

This weeks Musical Guest was Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, and the contestants had to sing 2 songs, so the theme was "Best of American Pop" and "Britney Spears Greatest Hits". Ive been watching X-factor since the very beginning, about 4 years ago, And this show has been by far the most exciting. All the contestants really brought it, they are so close to the final, the competition is tense.

The Highlights.

First up, My Girl "Alexandra Burke" did her damn thing this week, she deserves a whole post of her own, she put on a show. She took on Britney's "Toxic", its unheard of, who takes on that type of song in a talent competition. It was a risky choice, but she delivered, the performance was hot, the dancers, the outfits, the voice, it was amazing, that should take her straight to the final.

For her 2nd song, she took on Beyonce's "Listen", one word "FANTASTIC", she brought the house down, I see many blogs, crazing over that particular performance.

Next up, Ruth Lorenzo. This girl is the "Powerhouse" house of the competition, she comes out every week and DELIVERS, and yesterdays performances weren't an exception, she opened the show with Britney's "I Love Rock and Roll", and tore it apart, That song was perfect for her voice. But I'm OUTRAGED, can you believe, she got the boot (Maybe if i actually voted, she would still be in lol), But thats besides the point, shes a really talented girl, they should have kept her in lol. I hope she gets a record deal though, because theres a gap in the market for her, another Shakira senorita Spanish sensation.

Britney Spears also performed her single "Womanizer", it was an improvement from the last 2 performances, You what with Britney, I don't feel the need to slater her performances (not becuase I'm scared of her crazy fans lol) but because I feel like, shes on the road to giving and excellent performance, and its not like shes not improving, she is.

Like with what I felt with her last 2 performance, I thought she was holding back, But at 2:36, for a about 4 seconds, you could see her let herself go and really give into the song, without thinking about the dance steps or whatever, just for that 4 seconds, throughout the whole performance. So if she can put energy like that into upcoming performances, then we are in for a treat.


  1. OMG! Alex KILLLED that song! sang it better than beyonce by far! when u finish singin a song like dat in a competition u jus have to cry! well done girl!

  2. yes she did, i hope she wins with Ruth out of the way, shes the clear winner now.


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