Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mariah Carey Performs " I Stay in Love" (For The First Time)Live on X-Factor

Mariah Carey performed her new single "I Stay in Love" FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER on the X-factor show about an hour ago, She opened up the show and shes also performing again later on in the show.

MAGNIFICENT...She looked and sounded absolutely beautiful, beautiful. One her best live performances in a long long long time.


  1. She looks really reallly beautiful. But I dont care for her music.

  2. She was miming, watched it "live" from the U.K and it was clear that wasn't her voice and her rendition of hero was tragic!

    She's lost her voice recently, not once have i seen her sing live to promote E=Mc2

  3. wow michaelg r u serious-- i was just going to compliment this performance.

  4. wow really? is that a lipsync only?

  5. MichaelG- i must agree with you, Mariah didn't sing live on this performance, about 98% of the performance was mimed. The hero performance (which ill post later) was 100% live, she didn't sound as great, but i commend her for singing live.

  6. What's happening with Mariah???
    I like her voice and music very much. Is true that she's loosing her voice???



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