Friday, November 28, 2008

Michelle Does "Corduroy" Magazine

Peep a new Michelle Williams photo spread for "Corduroy" Magazine. Michelle revealed to the magazine "Now, I can finally do me"

Williams also speaks out at length about her new solo venture and the breakup of Destiny’s Child: “Now I can finally just do me,” Williams says; “no more pleasing other people, no more compromising what I want. As a group, we all had to agree. But now, it’s just me.”

“My goal isn’t to sell-out stadiums or be on the cover of magazines anymore,” she says. “My dream path is just to get that loyal fan base. I don’t care if it’s a hundred million or a hundred thousand. I’d rather play an underground club where people all know your songs than perform for audiences who have no idea who you are.”

She looks really good, I'm always rooting for her.


  1. Michelle looks fab! I'm always rooting for her too! Go Michelle!

  2. She looks great. Its good that she's doing her thing. I never actually felt she fit in with Destiny's Child from the beginning.


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