Sunday, November 09, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Beyonce-"Ego" (2ND Single)

The 2nd single from Beyonce's new album "I Am.." has unveiled itself today, The track is titled "Ego", its not included on the standard version of "I Am..." but available with the Deluxe version.

Even with lines like "I Got Every reason to feel like I'm that bitch!", The track is still not thrilling me, Theres nothing amazing about it, it sounds like a track you'll reject off your album. But I guess she'll make it work, with a fly video and the song being played so often, ill be forced to like it.



  1. i like this song! very catchy...

  2. u totally explained the BEYONCE effect, her songs that are coming out sound lik u would reject it, but after hearing and hearing it u tend to like it -and beyonce just adds her dancin n voice to help the track out. haha

    also that happen to me with Kanye - all his tracks sounded lik unreleased leaks to me - i cant believe today that they have transistioned to SINGLES. LOL

  3. EGO is the THIRD SINGLE and it's from SHASHA FIERCE not I AM...
    and i luv dat song

  4. The "Ego" track is my jam, I agree with another post, Bey will make it work for those that are not feeling the track, just like Irreplaceable. I actually can not wait to see what she does for the video. The song is fitting, Bey is at the top of the game right now, Ciara and Keri Hilson are already stealing her moves.
    The beat is catchy and the outro is hot.


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