Thursday, November 20, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Robin Thicke-Something Else

Check out the new video from Robin Thick titled "Sweetest Love". "The Sweetest Love" is the follow up to his first single "Magic" off his latest album "Something Else" Robin Thicke.

"Lost Without you" was quite good, but since then his music hasn't really thrilled me. The R&B Ballad however, is quite hot, his vocals are great, the arrangement of the song overall is great, I think he has a nice hit on his hands. Don't you think his voice is very resemblant to "Stevie Wonders"?


  1. nice song! although u r right, "lost without you" was the most amazing song i've heard from him.

  2. this song is beautiful. but the video is ass!... ASS!


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