Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Whitney Houston Album Cover FAKE!!!

Here's the official statement from Whitney Houston's label Arista: "The allegedly 'new' Whitney Houston album cover circulating throughout the Internet is not a legitimate album cover for Ms. Houston's forthcoming Arista disc. Ms. Houston is still recording and we look forward to unveiling new music along with the official album cover in due time."

I thought so, Looked too cheap and tacky to be, also I found out where the original picture came from. Naomi Campbell, lol. Some people have alot of time on their hands.


  1. i figured that it was fake! There is no way that Nippy looks like that! lol

  2. lol, it looks better on Whitney

  3. yea see i knew it wasn't her body .. i was like i'm not postin this junk on my page how funny! haha anyway how u been my friend??


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